Pornography is for Cowards – via NC Register

Anytime we follow Jesus in risking love, we become the men he wants us to be. We become like him. His love was never exercised in vain; neither will ours. Even unrequited love makes us holy, forms us into “men of whom the world is not worthy” and prepares us for that “far better country” and “the City that is prepared for us.” – Vaugh Kohler

Yes, yes, yes! I’ve known guys of varying ages and backgrounds who have been trapped, and thus are dying inside! You can see it in their eyes, and you can certainly see it in their relationships.

This is not who God made us to be! St. Catherine of Siena once said that “If we are who we were made to be, we would light the world on fire!” There is nothing inspiring about stories of lust: our hearts are moved by stories of LOVE, especially that love that Bl. Pope John Paul II defined as the “act of the will that consists of preferring in a constant manner the good of others to the good of oneself.”

So gentlemen, if you’re tired of hiding and wimping out, if you can feel the depths of your hearts crying out for the chance to truly live, put on your armor, draw your sword, and fight for love. And know this: in this epidemic of gigantic proportions in our society today, you are certainly not alone in this fight. If you seek help, you’ll find it.

If you do this, you’ll begin to become who you were made to be: you will learn to truly love and truly live, and so you will become the man that God made you to be, the man that is needed by your family, by your friends and colleagues, and by the world. And in doing this, you will glorify God with your life, as St. Irenaeus said: “The glory of God is man fully alive!”