An African Woman’s Open Letter to Melinda Gates – via Little Catholic Bubble

I found this piece fascinating on many levels, especially comparing the differences in values between Western and African cultures in a wide variety of aspects. I think it also illustrates the savior-mentality that Westerners have when it comes to poorer countries. True charity is not throwing money at something or someone to make you feel better about yourself; it consists of humble self-giving and receiving that can only begin with beginning and growing in true relationship with others, because only then does it become clear what each person needs and offers. This is as true with family and friends and neighbors as it is with people half-way around the world. Love and humility must come first =)

P.S. be sure to read a follow-up piece: Do you intend to speak for every African woman?


Catholic Mangate – Brent Stubbs via Ignitum Today

“There are men out there. There are. They realize that the fulfillment of their vocation of marriage terminates in you. Wait for that one. Some people think men should not “need” you, but that is wrong. Adam needed Eve. He was incomplete because his vocational calling was not yet realized. So too, the GCM called to marriage. Don’t settle for a boy, I agree, but also don’t settle for some dude who’s just “not that into you”.”


*note: in quote above: GCM = Good Catholic Man


In the Absence of Fathers: A Story of Elephants and Men | Catholic Lane. – by Fr. Gordon J. MacRae

“Real men protect the vulnerable, not assault them. Growing up having learned that most basic tenet of manhood is the job of fathers.”

“Eighty percent of the young men I have met in prison grew up in homes without fathers. The problem seems clear. When prisons and police replace fathers, chaos reigns, and promising young lives are sacrificed.”

Challenge: bring back authentic masculinity and fatherhood. Guys, are you brave enough to accept? Our world needs it.



What Arranged Marriages Taught Me About Love – by Jennifer Fulwiler, via NCRegister

“They were the experiment that tested the secular hypothesis of love-as-a-feeling, and the hypothesis proved to be false.”

A very, very interesting and eye-opening article. While there are definitely pluses and minuses to arranged marriages, the understanding of marriage and love discussed in the article is definitely closer to my own than that of secular mainstream Western society. More food for thought!


So dude, do you have a girlfriend yet?. – by Jack Kuplack, via Ignitum Today

A message from a teen to teens, he nails it! Looking back, I was able to grow and experience a lot of great things by utilizing my singleness in a productive manner, and it’s made my courtship experience all the more precious and wonderful. As the nuns taught me, “Patience is a virtue that builds character.” =)