Dating: Solid Bunny vs. Hollow Bunny via Catholic Lane

“To settle on a hollow bunny is self-deception. You’re basically saying that who you are is unimportant. True love starts with your real self, and connects with another real person. The worst thing you can do is change who you are for another person.”

A great article by Anthony Buono: I’ve definitely met my share of hollow bunnies, not just in dating, but even just on the friendship level. No more settling!


Pray, Date, Marry – via NC Register

Great relationship advice from Sarah Swafford: it’s stuff I learned years ago, but it’s always nice to have it reinforced and hear it from a different perspective. I’m probably gonna check out her books soon.


My Own Personal Kryptonite: Evangelization at Home

“Wherever our family is in faith, our call is to love them first, accepting them for who they are, yet working for who they one day might be with expectant faith – because nothing is impossible with God. When I think about my brother, I don’t know if he will ever not see me as an “uber-Catholic,” but I pray God touches His heart. I trust God is at work in his life, and God will meet Him as he wills. I have learned that God’s love is more powerful than any kryptonite… If we stand waiting in prayer and love, God will show up and do amazing things.

A great post by Mary Bielski. It’s so very true for me too: the people in my life that I find most difficult to initiate spiritual conversations with are the people that I long to share my whole self with, my family and closest friends. It’s freaking scary! But I’d also like to think that maybe it doesn’t need to be a big, dramatic, life-shaking event: maybe by doing “small things with great love” is how God wants to speak through me. 🙂

Humor and Holiness =)


Just had to share a joke I heard at Mass today:

A young man was walking out of church after Mass when the priest stopped him. The priest told him, “You should be in the Army of the Lord!” The young man smiled and said, “I am in the Army of the Lord.” The priest then asked, “If you’re in the Army of the Lord, how come I only see you at Mass on Christmas and Easter?”

The young man leaned in closer to the priest and whispered, “I’m a secret agent.”


[edit]: I’d like to add one thing: in the spiritual warfare we are all involved in, in the battle between good and evil, love and hatred, it is quite clear that the war cannot be won by secret agents. Do not be afraid: take arms and fight!