One thing I am NOT giving up during Lent – my sense of humor

In my last post I promised to share some of the things I’ll be doing for Lent…but I ran into this article (see the link at the end) and thought I’d share something I’m not giving up during Lent – my sense of humor šŸ˜€

Yes, Lent is a time for reflection and penance, but that doesn’t mean you have to be dull and boring about it: Christianity is fundamentally a religion of hope and joy, because despite our sinfulness and our unworthiness, God loves us anyways! There is nothing we can do to earn more of his love, nor is there anything we can do to make him stop loving us. He continues to love us, provide for us, and give us opportunities to grow closer to him in this life so that we can prepare to be with him forever in the next! Jesus is our hope for everlasting life, the God who became man, who knows from experience the things we go through every day, what we struggle with, how we are tempted. And out of love for us He chose to suffer, die, and rise from the dead! Pope Benedict XVI titled one of his encyclicals “Spe Salvi” or “Saved in Hope,” and indeed, we are!

So yes, be reflective, do penance, return to God…but also be open to the experiences of hope and joy that God is offering you, right here, right now, and especially, right in front of your face šŸ™‚

So in that spirit, I hope you enjoy a super-funny post from one of my favorite bloggers, Simcha Fisher:

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